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Recollection is the fourth short animation of the Marulk's Daily Life OVA series.


After Marulk has finished doing the laundry in the Seeker Camp, he lays down and while falling asleep questions how his life might would have turned out if Ozen hadn't found him.

In a flashback to Marulk's prior life, it is shown that Marulk was involved in a crash of an airship in the Abyss. In this accident, the crew, including his father, lost their life.

While Marulk his hiding in the wreckage of the airship, he sees how creatures approach them and eat the corpse of his father. Some time passes, and Ozen with the Subterranean Bandits arrive at the scene. Ozen remarks that she saw it coming that the crew would be completely wiped out, assuming they were not people to listing to sound reasoning in the first place as they chose to travel into the Abyss by airship.

Shortly afterwards Ozen notices Marulk in the remaining depris and upon discovering offers him either to stay there if he desires to join the rest of the crew in death, or come with her. After Marulk seemingly makes no attempt to come out, Ozen is about to leave him but Marulk manages to stand up and come out of his hiding spot. As he stands before Ozen, Marulk passes out and Ozen picks him up with the words "Welcome to the Abyss."

In the present, Marulk wakes up with Ozen looking over him. As Marulk hastily tries to stand up, Ozen asks him if he had a scary dream due to seeing teardrops in the side of his eyes. Marulk replies he had a scary dream, yet it was also a heartwarming dream, and smiles at Ozen.

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