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Cleaning is the third short animation of the Marulk's Daily Life OVA series.


Marulk is instructed by Ozen to clean the rooms of the other Subterranean Bandits while they are away. The first room Marulk starts with is Yelme's room. The room is shown to be very cluttered with various items and pages laying on the floor. As Marulk picks up the pages he is embarresed to find that among descriptive pages of the Abyss also some erotic pages are mixed in.

As he continues cleaning he also finds two Princess Bosoms in Yelme's room, but seems unfamiliar with the Artifact. After finishing with Yelme's room, Marulk moves on to Zapo's room which freatures various boxes and his bed is located in the upper region to a window.

Afterwards, Marulk moves on to Simred's room, which similar to Zapo's room features boxes and is also cluttered with clothing. As Marulk tries to pull out a pile of clothing from under the bed, he is greeted with clothes overgrown with fungus and a swarm of insects.

Abit later, he is seen in the bath while showering contemplating the traumatic event.

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