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Errand is the second short animation of the Marulk's Daily Life OVA series.


Together with Ozen and the other Subterranean Bandits, Marulk travels to Orth.

He is instructed by Ozen to pruchase goods from Laffi's Shop. Due to not being familiar with Orth, Marulk ends up wandering around for a while before he meets Nat, who offers to help by guiding Marulk to the shop.

During their travel, they talk to each other and arrive at Laffi's Shop shortly. Marulk expresses his gratitude to Nat for serving as his guide by telling Nat if he needs something that is in Marulk's power he would be happy to do it. This causes Nat to blush and he tells Marulk to hurry up and finish his errand before he runs off. Marulk perplexed at the reaction at first gives a small smile, and enters the shop.

Meanwhile, it is shown that Ozen and the other Bandits were following after Marulk and spy on the two kids with Ozen giggling at the interaction between the two children.

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