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Request is the first short animation of the Marulk's Daily Life OVA series.


After having a meal in the Seeker Camp, involving serveral glasses of alcohol, Ozen is sleeping at the dinner table. Marulk attempts to wake her up and also push her to get her into her bed, but to no avail.

As he ponders over how to move the sleeping Ozen to her room, he comes up with the idea to set up a crane-like lifting contraption. However his first attempt fails due to Ozen moving slightly, thus putting too much weight on the contraption.

Marulk decides to set up the contraption in an even more elaborate way involving several ropes and even a piece of wood. At first, it seems to succeed but as Ozen starts waking up and stretching, the whole contraption snaps and causes the ropes to wrap Marulk in an unflattering position.

Ozen, now fully awake, turns to see Marulk strung up. Amused by that she sits back down, pours herself a cup of liquor, and praises this situation as a view that goes well with alcohol while Marulk pleads for her to hurry and help him out of this embarrassing situation.

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