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The soundtrack to the third moive of Made in Abyss, Dawn of the Deep Soul, was composed by Kevin Penkin and released by Kadokawa on January 17, 2020. It consists of 30 tracks on two disks.

Track Listing[]

Disk 1[]

  1. Echos
  2. Faith
  3. reBirth ft. Takeshi Saito
  4. Field of Eternal Fortunes
  5. Encounter the Umbra Hands
  6. Prayer and Immolation
  7. The Return of Made in Abyss
  8. Riko’s Cooking
  9. The Fourth Layer
  10. The Girl with Curly Green Hair
  11. Papa’s Lullaby
  12. The Former Child of Ido Front
  13. Stairway to the Fifth
  14. Narehate and the Machine
  15. The Intimate Chair
  16. Quartet for Broken Arms
  17. reBirth; Arranged
  18. Stingerhead Nest
  19. Ambience from a Sea of Corpses
  20. Water Sanctum
  21. Transcendance and Hanezeve

Disk 2[]

  1. Stonefish
  2. Post-op Meinya
  3. Dark Reg, Nightmare Fuel
  4. The Rumble of Scientific Triumph
  5. Prushka Sequence
  6. Tozo Hanoline ft. Úyanga Bold
  7. You talk too much
  8. Cartridge Tears, become the White Whistle
  9. Finale


  • Composed, produced and conducted by Kevin Penkin and Takeshi Saito
  • Produced by Hiromitsu Iijima
  • Mixing by Falk Au Yeong
  • Ambient music design by Sam Gilles
  • Mixed in Surround at Saidera Mastering by tomomiMUSHnemoto
  • Score consultation by Maeve McCarthy
  • Additonal Cello by Timmothy Oborne
  • Bass Guitar by Louis A. Ochoa
  • Featuring Vocals by Takeshi Saito & Úyanga Bold
  • 'reBirth' Composed by Takeshi Saito, Arranged & Orchestrated by Kevin Penkin
  • Lyrics by Úyanga Bold & Takeshi Saito
  • MIDI Transcription by James Yan
  • Mastered by Masato Morisaki
  • Mastered at Artisans Mastering (TinyVoice,Production)
  • Special thanks: Akihito Tsukushi, Web Comic Gamma, Made in Abyss production crew, IRMA Records Japan, Jack, Jo, and Katharine Penkin, Christopher Cohen, Elia Benhamou, Bourby Webster, Fabian Malabello, Richard Lines Davis, Eather Williams, Caroline Coutney

Vienna sessions[]

Recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna by the Synchron Stage Orchestra, score printing by Vienna Music Angels

  • Bernd Mazagg - Sound Engineer and Technical Director
  • Martin Weismayr and Martin Pauser - Pro Tools Operator
  • Roland Tscherne and Josefine Riedel - Monitor Engineer
  • Stefan Steinbauer - Project Coordinator
  • Dimitire Leivici - Violin I and Concertmaster
  • Marina Dimitrova - Violin II
  • Amora De Swardt - Violin III
  • Julia Krichbaum - Viola I
  • Anna Firsanova - Viola II
  • Sergio Trujillo - Viola II
  • Florian Eggner - Cello I
  • Milan Karanovic - Cello II
  • Ciro Vigilante - Double Bass
  • Andreas Planyavski - Flute I
  • Boris Lipov - Flute II
  • Wolfgang Klinser - Clarinet I
  • Thomas Prem - Clarinet II
  • Peter Keserü - French Horn I
  • Francisco Supin - French Horn II
  • Alex Valdes - Trumpet
  • Michael Bock - Trombone
  • Robert Schweiger - Tuba

Melbourne sessions[]

Vocals recorded at Frostfire Audio and Strawberry Hill Music

  • Chris O'Neill - Recording Engineer
  • Theo Nogueira - Vocal Producer
  • Amelia Jones - Vocalist
  • Elspeth Bawden - Vocalist
  • Mason Lieberman - Vocalist
  • Ryan Greaves - Vocalist

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