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Juroimoh is a Narehate, and one of the Three Sages of Ilblu, who assisted in the village’s creation.


Among the Sages, Jurioimoh has the most feral and monstrous appearance with a very bulky physique. He has three horns on his head that go over into an armor-like shell, covering part of his back. He has a large mouth, with sharp teeth in it, and appears to have a secondary mouth or orifice on his belly in which he can store larger objects. Around his midriff he has, what appears to be, pelt-like hair and right below it tentacle-like growths, going down all the way to his legs. He has very long tree-like arms and thick elephant-like legs.


Not much is known about Juroimoh, but when Ilblu is under attack by a great force, Juroimoh is the first to respond out of the Three Sages. Juroimoh values rough work, causing him fight against the Fuzosheppu while the other two Sages don't respond unless the village barrier is broken.

History Edit

Ilblu Arc Edit

Juroimoh engaged the Fuzosheppu with a club-like weapon but was overwhelmed due to misjudging the surroundings.


Club Edit

In battle, Juroimoh wields a long club with which he can perfrom strong thrusting strikes.

High Physical Strengh Edit

Juroimoh has raw strengh far beyond normal Delvers or creatures.

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