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Irumyuui’s Children are creatures Irumyuui gives birth to after fusing with the Cradle of Desire. They live only for a short amount of time. They were used by Ganja as a source of sustenance and medicine to treat Pseudowater syndromes, much to the dismay of Vueko[1] and then later Belaf[2], who were opposed to the idea of utilising Irumyuui's wish for their survival. Irumyuui stops giving birth to them after she turns into the Village of Ilblu.

That is with the exception of Faputa, her last child which is born after she has been turned into the village, and who lives on to mete revenge for the mistreatment of her siblings.[3]

Description Edit

Irumyuui‘s children look very similar to Neritantan or Hermit Rats.

They have a hump on their backs, small feet and pointy ears. They lack eyes and their mouth appears to be a very narrow orifice on the front of their head.

Due to being born without internal organs they die shortly after being born. As time went on, the children Irumyuui birthed became bigger and bigger.[4]

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