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Ido Front (fan translation: Idofront), also known as the Forward Operating Base, is a research station located at the bottom of the 5th layer. It is the deepest a person can go and still survive the curse. It is the place where White Whistle Delvers begin their Last Dive.

Its main purpose is as a gateway into the 6th layer. Its central tower acts as an elevator through the Sea of Corpses, and it can only be activated by the sound of a White Whistle.

History Edit

Long ago, Ido Front was used as a ritual site by the ancient people that inhabited the Abyss. Since then, it has been transformed into Bondrewd's main base of operations. Here he conducts experiments in warding the curse.

It was here that Bondrewd brought Nanachi, Mitty and other children to act as his test subjects, and where Nanachi and Mitty were transformed into Narehate after ascending from the Miniature Garden of Dawn.[1] It is also the place where Bondrewd raised Prushka as his adopted daughter before turning her into a cartridge.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Based on a comment from Majikajya stating that Nanachi is a Narehate of the "old ritual site," it is possible that the rituals that took place at Ido Front long ago involved an individual receiving the blessing. How the blessing was achieved by the ancient people is unknown.

Reference Edit

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