Reg, protect Riko.


Hablog (called Habo-san by Riko and the other children) is a well-known Black Whistle Delver and was the person who delivered Lyza's White Whistle and final notes to the surface.

Appearance Edit

He is a tall and bulky man. He has rather rough, curvy facial features and a beard that connects with his hair. He wears a hat with a lamp on it, similar to mine workers, a large brown coat and a dark brownish vest below it.

Personality Edit

Hablog is a very bright and kind person with a rather high level of curiosity, as is seen when he first meets Reg.

History Edit

1st layer Arc Edit

Hablog is one of the Delvers sent after Riko and Reg when they had fled the orphanage and had delved into the Abyss alone. He caught up quickly, partly because he wants to give respects to the "Supreme Treasure of the Netherworld", Reg, about whom he knows because Nat and Shiggy told him. Instead of taking them back to Orth, he offers to escort them to the Seeker Camp; they decline. He then gives Riko a warning about Ozen, some medicine, and other supplies, and let them go.

Since then, while he has not interacted directly with Riko nor Reg, he has been shown on the surface telling stories to Nat and Shiggy about the Abyss and its inhabitants, foreshadowing the dangers that Reg and Riko would face.


Augumented Speed Edit

Hablog is in possession of some means to move extremely quickly, as shown when he's chasing down Riko and Reg by moving at speeds well beyond that of a normal human, especially one of his size and build.

Delving Expertise Edit

Hablog is a very well-known Black Whistle Delver and aims to become a White Whistle Delver. As such he has demonstrated high tracking skills, as well as a high amount of physical ability, when he tracked down Reg and Riko on the 1st layer and quickly caught up to them.

Knowledge Edit

Hablog has vast knowledge about the Abyss and also on all curent White Whistle Delvers.

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