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Gooon (provisional name) is a large robot seemingly in the service of Faputa, though it is capable of independent thoughts and actions. It is the Interference Unit of the 6th layer, which it referred to as the Bell Tower Layer. It is capable of speech, but usually just makes a "gooon" noise.

An Interference Unit's purpose is to observe and interact to gather knowledge. According to it, there is an Interference Unit for each layer, though the state of the other Units is unknown. There has been no contact between any of the Units for some time, as Interference Units cannot cross layers.

Appearance Edit

Its upper body is very large, with a jagged beak-like "mouth" attached to its front with an oval-shaped metal frame and some large bolts. From underneath the metal frame is a large cape flowing over its "shoulders" and down its back. On top of it is what looks like an open cart with a hand rail, as if it was made to transport people. It can shoot out of a cannon on its right arm, and its left arm resembles a large pincer. Like Reg's, its forearms can be launched and retracted. It walks on two legs, which are much smaller in comparison to the rest of its body.

Noting some of the similarities in their design and build, it said that it and Reg could possibly have the same creator.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Nothing is known sofar about Gooon's backround or how he came in Faputa's services.

Ilblu Arc Edit

After entering the 6th layer, Reg, Riko, and Nanachi have the feeling that they are being tracked. Some of their things keep going missing, and strange objects keep showing up where they were not left before. It is revealed later that this is Faputa's doing, with the help of Gooon, as she was trying to guide them through the 6th layer. Later, when Reg meets Faputa, Gooon is present aswell.

Uppon realizing that Reg doesn't recognize Faputa, she takes him back to a secluded cave to test if he really is the real Reg. She pokes and prods him, and even reopens the wound to his bellybutton to examine his blood. Reg, feeling exasperated that Faputa does not seem to want to cooperate, leaves and heads back to Ilblu, passing Gooon outside the cave and making sure it doesn't suddenly decide to attack him.

On Reg's way back to Ilblu he is attacked by a Ryuusazai, but Gooon saves him and, afterwards, advices him not to stay in Ilblu for too long. Uppon Reg questioning Gooon further, due to being curious if they are similar beings, Gooon tells him that Reg most likely is an Interference Unit.

Abilities Edit

Unknown Weapon Edit

Gooon has an unknown weapon which it shoots at creatures of the 6th layer. The weapon is shot from Gooon's right arm. It shoots like a pump-action shotgun and needs to be reloaded before it can be shot again. The creatures shot by it are flung far away.

Extendable Arms Edit

Much like Reg, Gooon's Right Arm can extend, but up to an unknown length, but it's not known if its left arm can.