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The Fuzosheppu is a hive creature which makes its appearance in Ilblu.[1]


The Fuzosheppu is of an enormous scale, with a head bearing similarity to that of a crustacean's, and a body mostly amorphous and formless, slightly gelatinous and transparent in a way that reveals its internal organs. It can fly outside of the force field, presumably due to it being lighter than air. So far only one Fuzosheppu has appeared in the series.[2]

A Fuzosheppu is not one creature, but a hive of them, consisting of males that group up and hunt together, and a "queen" which is the part resembling a head. When the queen dies, the males of the hive go looking for a new one.[3]

Riko guesses that since Fuzosheppu don't hunt in packs and are aggressive, agile and stubborn, they are probably very territorial and occupy vast areas, only to be proven wrong later by Wazukyan, when he explained to her that a Fuzosheppu is not one creature.[4]


  • Riko named the creature "Oogasumi" while telling Moogie about her plan to kill it.[5]


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