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Far Caress, also called Touch the Moon, is one of Bondrewd's personal Artifacts.[1]


It is an Artifact capable of manipulating innumerable tentacles, which are exceedingly strong and elastic. Strictly speaking, it is not exactly an Artifact, but a processed item derived from a primeval creature enclosed within a cylinder, and is only classified as an Artifact simply because it can't be collected outside of the Abyss.[1]

It has been categorized as a Second Grade Artifact due to being difficult to handle. However, Bondrewd used countless manifestations of himself to gain a good grasp of the essentials of this Artifact and has thus dramatically increased its effectiveness.[1]

Bondrewd primarily uses this Artifact to create a constricting net around his target or to enhance his agility by using it as a living grappling hook.[2][3]


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