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Embellith is a is a Narehate in Ilblu. They are a kind of merchant.


Embellith looks similar to a jellyfish. They can extend their tentacles and also have a set of legs underneath their top. According to Riko's journal, their top is very smooth and smells like cloth hung out to dry.


Due to being a minor character, not much is known about Embellith's personality, but apparently they like to be climbed by small kids and dislike small bugs.


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Early Life Edit

Whether Embellith was part of the original group becoming Ilblu's first inhabitants is, as of yet, unknown.

Ilblu Arc Edit

When the Fuzosheppu attacks the village, Embellith is one of the villagers trying to fend it off.

Embellith is present on the market when Riko's group arrives. They are seen later on when Vueko begins to tell of her past.


Extendable Tentacles Edit

Embellith is able to stretch out their tentacles, making them able to lift themself quite high from the ground and enables them to move longer distances in a short amount of time.

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