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Someone awaits at the Pivotal Ring


Doni is the person that turned into a Life Reverberating Stone for Lyza and was processed into her whistle at one point.[1]


As a whistle, Doni's shape is similar to a common medium sized referee whistle. [2] The whistle itself is decorated with various patterns reminiscent of flower petals and, on both sides, patterns reminiscent of crescent moons. On the top of the rear, the whistle has a round embedment featuring a key-shaped hole surrounded by patterns.[2]


Doni seemed to be reserved as they choose to stop engaging in further communication apart from what they want to convey when Faputa transmitted their message to the group.[3]


Past the village[]

Riko asked Faputa if she could communicate with Lyza's whistle, similar to as she did with Prushka, upon which Doni transmitted their name to them and the message that someone is waiting for Reg at the Pivotal Ring.[4]


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