The Curse-Warding Box is an unique Artifact not listed in the guide of recorded relics. Theorized to be at least a grade-2 relic, it is a cube-like structure with an incredibly complex pattern embedded on the outside. Also known as "The Curse-Repelling Vessel", from the depths up toward the surface, it was initially thought to have the power to nullify the effects from the curse of the abyss while the subject is placed inside of it.

"Curse-Warding Box" is somewhat of a misnomer, however. Its real effect is not curse nullification. Those inside will still suffer the effects of the curse and possibly die as a result, but whatever is inside will come back to life seemingly unaffected and will immediately start crawling towards the center of the abyss before dying again sometime later. The only exception to this is Riko, who is still alive.

History Edit

After Riko was stillborn, Ozen placed her inside the Curse-Warding Box in an attempt to get rid of her, and was surprised when noises came out of it. Ozen and Lyza opened the box to find Riko alive. Ozen then helped Lyza carry the box back up to Orth, where Riko was raised.

Curiously, Riko is the only being that has survived for a significant amount of time after being resurrected by the Curse-Warding Box. Most things put inside of it live only for a short period before dying again. It's suggested that Riko's life is connected to the Abyss itself.