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Cravali is a Black Whistle Delver who is regarded as a genius solo Delver among the Black Whistles. At some point in time, he made a connection with Tepasté.[1]


Cravali is a tall, bulky and muscular man. His face is rather rugged with many markings in the lower section of it. His delver hat spots a feather and goggles on them. The rest of his delver attire consists out of an open jacket with pelt-like stuff on both ends of the short sleeves, his whistle which is adorned by a teeth necklace, an add-on on his chest section, gloves on both hands, and, after his pants, big bulky boots.[1]


Cravali is shown to be very level headed and keeping his cool even in tense situations. He is able to make good character assessments of people and values people keeping etiquettes of conversation such a proper greetings. As such, he his own personalised way of greeting people. He also doesn't rely on luck but has made it a ritual as a sort of "Game" to pray for success of something he sets out to do.[1]


Curse Fleet Arc

While Cravali is shown to eat many bowls of the same dish in the Plummet Pub, Hamoroge Bowls, Tepasté asks him if he doesn't get tired of it to which Cravali states he has a soft spot for this dish. [1]

Tepasté also asks him if he would like a quickie with her after having finished eating but Cravali reclines stating it would be bad for his mojo which leads to Tepasté also ordering a bowl and shortly afterwards noting the presence of Umbra Hands in the pub to Cravali.[1]

As Cravali takes a glance, the presence of the Umbra Hands, the Subterranean Bandits, and Hablog are shown. As Tepasté notes Gyarike among them she wonders if "Shroud" is also among them. Gyarike notices their observing of them which prompts Cravali to greet them with his personal greeting, "Dyaho-de", to disarm the situation.[1]

Then, he notes being impressed that Tepasté was able to noticed them without their masks to which she replies that the way they walk and their voices are all distinct. Tepasté then shifts the conversation to them now having quite the mess on their hands with the one left behind in the 2nd layer. Cravali replies to it that there is no way it could have been hidden and from the looks of it several First Grade Artifacts were visible; plus fearing they most likely will be found out on their next delve.[1]

Tepasté wonders in return if the "Shrine Maiden" is alright to which Cravali replies that they will try to get more information later. Cravali also asks on any words of the others to which he is informed all they have to go on are the contents of a letter and is also asked if he thinks it might be a "Nest."[1]

Hablog overhears this conversation and wonders if they are talking about the big joint delving project that is coming up. As the conversation progresses, Tepasté wonders if any of the White Whistles will take part in the big delve to which Cravali tells her that no mention of Special Grade Artifacts were made and Hablog will be in charge of this delve as he has a knack for it due to being broad-minded and on these big delves even sworn enemies work together.[1]

The conversation is interrupted by Yelme who came over and tells Tepasté this tavern is no place for Non-Delvers but the abyssial twist in her hair suggesting her having dived pretty deep into the Abyss as this is a sign of having been affected by the curse. As such, he questions her, in a a manner suggesting he is suspicious of her, whether or not she is just hiding her whistle and if she could just show it. Tepasté teasingly replies she shouldn't just show it here but not minding even if it's in front of many people. as she leans in, she also notes that Yelme to have had four prior criminal offenses and teasingly states how it would be a shame if he would get banned from delving for another or even demoted to a lower whistle rank again. She also highlights to be aware of his group affiliation as a Subterranean Bandit. This then leads to her trying to stab Yelme's hand with a metallic claw on her hand, which he avoids but is hit by a chin jab of her and stomped on the foot while avoiding the claw.[1]

As he staggers over, Cravali catches him and places him on his lap. He tells Yelme a proper greeting is important as it is the basis for communication and as the Hamoroge Bowl ordered by Tepasté arrives Cravali feeds it to Yelme while elaborating on the dish and noting it works well against tipsiness from drinking to much as it is clear Yelme had been drinking.[1]

As he feeds it to Yelme, Yelme asks for Tepasté's name to which she energetically replies but also notes she doesn't think they will meet again.[1]

As Cravali and Tepasté make their way through Orth after having left the Pub, they note that the people they saw at it will be part of the big delving expedition and Cravali notes his desire to depart before things get complicated and thus they would leave via the abandoned factory route into the Abyss by sunrise for their illegal last dive. He then notices that a few things are missing from his pockets and it is revealed Yelme picked his pocket while Cravali fed him.[1]

After a skip in time, a badly hurt Cravali in the 6th layer is shown. He takes note of having no more feeling in his hand, his left leg being broken and him not being able to feel his toes, and his rib cage to be busted. He is then contacted by Tepasté via a Communication Device and, upon asking if she is alright, she tells him she made it out without any serious injuries thanks to him plus if he will be able to make to her location.[1]

Cravali tells her he busted his leg and as she notes his rope still being with her and, thus him most likely not being able to make it back from his high location, Cravali tells her to go on ahead as their "pursuer" is most likely still coming after her.[1]

Tepasté remarks, in a bittersweet fashion, that Cravali prayed so hard for their success yet they had no luck. To this Cravali responds he doesn't really rely on luck and his prayer is just a mental ritual to get prepared as a little game of his. He further tells her that if one don't keep a light-hearted mood the mind gets stiff and brittle and for her to remember this plus to save the hard-headed brittle attitude for when things get tough.[1]

Tepasté teary-eyed replies she will do just that, knowing that she most likely won't see Cravali again. As their communicators get out of range, Cravali tells her they will meet up in the "nest." As Cravali notes to himself his right arm and everything up from his right ankle still to work he begins to try to climb down from his location as he sings Hariyomari's song. As he arrived in the location Riko's group would later find him in he slowly passes away from the exhaustion, his wounds, and dehydration.[1]

Capital of the Unreturned

Nanachi praises Riko for her leadership skills and the group begins to travel further into the 6th layer. During their further travel, Faputa questions Nanachi about the curse itself and Nanachi gives Faputa explanations to it. Then, suddenly Meinya reacts to something and looks for it. As the group follows Meinya they come upon the corpse of a Black Whistle Delver. [2]

Reg initially panics but Nanachi quickly informs him that the Delver is already dead. As the group wonders about his cause of death, and which group he could have belonged to, Nanachi searches him for useful common Artifacts Delvers often carry and they collect an all-purpose lockpick, Gentle Knock, and an air dumpling, Mermaind Burp from the corpse.[3]


High Physical Abilities

Even after having sustained heavy damage, being dehydrated, and not being in possession of his climbing rope, Cravali was still able to climb back down to a secure location in the 6th layer before passing away. [1]

Delving Expertise

Cravali is noted as genius delver who usually delves solo.[1]


Cravali displayed great knowledge and judgement about his fellow Delvers as well as information not easily available. He also seemingly had found something connecting him to unspecified "Nests" and a not yet known "Abyssal Shrine Maiden".[1]


  • Cravali's personal greeting phrase is "Dyaho-de."[1]
  • He and Tepasté seem to have a connection to something yet to be revealed in regards to a "Abyssal Shrine Maiden" and "Nests" also featured in Hariyomari's song.[1]


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