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The Cradle of Desire is an oval-shaped Artifact resembling a Fabergé egg.[1]


When touched directly, it grants the user their deepest wishes. As such, it is more preferable in the grasp of a user with a not too "messy or complex" mind; like it tends to be with mature humans.[2]

The Interference Units mentioned "immature" humans have a higher chance of getting their wish granted, due to their minds having less complex or messy thoughts.[3]


  • The Cradle of Desire was discovered by Ganja's scavenging team and later given to Irumyuui.[4]
  • The Cradle of Desire is, alongside the Princess Bosom, Thousand-Men Pins and the Sun Sphere, one of the few Artifacts known to exist multiple times; seeing how Ganja discovered three of them.[5]
  • As seen with the Ganja members who found a Cradle of Desire, it affects the body of the user based on how complex their wish and thoughts are; hence the reason why the bodies of the Ganja members became malformed leading to their deaths.[2]
  • The Cradle of Desire can be found in the 6th and lower Layers.[6]


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