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Corpse-Weepers are large birds that live in the ruthless 2nd layer of the Abyss, in the Forest of Temptation.[1]


Corpse-Weepers are carnivorous and quite violent at that. They are notorious for their capabilities to mimic sounds and use it for hunting. If they capture prey with high social capabilities such as Hammerbeaks or humans, they will learn their prey's cries for help and use it to lure others to their colony, thus giving them the name, Crying Corpses. Despite that, they are quite affectionate creatures.[1]

They live in colonies and raise their chicks together. At a young age, and before they learn to fly, the elders will carry living prey to take them to the nest to feed the chicks. As one would expect from their size, Corpse-Weepers are quite strong, being able to swiftly carry a human around.[1]

During breeding season, they will purposely drive their prey to their colony and hunt them together. Delving into their colony is extremely dangerous, even for an adept Delver. Despite their scary looks and intimidating behavior, they are quite affectionate and chicks can be raised to be familiar with humans. Also, while their meat smells bad when cooked, it is incredibly tasty.[1]

The differing sizes of their left and right eyes give them superb spatial awareness, and they can respond quickly to threats coming from the skies above them. While they consume meat, they don't have a beak like most birds, so they rip and slurp out meat and organs using their well-developed tongues. Males have longer quills, so they can be recognized easily. Some specimens grow to have wingspans exceeding ten meters.[1]


  • Corpse-Weepers can be tamed if they are raised by people from the time they are chicks.[1]


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