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The Blaze Reap is an abnormally large pickaxe that contains Everlasting Gunpowder, which causes ongoing explosions on whatever it is struck on and thus allowing it to serve as an impact explosive type weapon and earning it the epithet of the Everlasting Pickaxe.[1]


After causing an explosion and consuming the oxygen around it, this causes a chain reaction which then draws in surrounding oxygen to trigger another explosion. Visualizing the scope of damage and striking at a target allows the Everlasting Gunpowder to be deposited. Planting the gunpowder causes a massive explosion in the direction of the strike. The gunpowder exposed to the air is the first in a chain reaction of explosions. Provided the target can be detonated, ongoing explosions continue to the desired point.[2]

The pickaxe was previously utilized by Lyza the Annihilator as her signature weapon before mysteriously disappearing during her Last Dive.[3] It was eventually retrieved by Ozen the Immovable on the 4th layer’s Garden of the Flowers of Resilience, where it marked an empty grave.[3] Currently it is in the possession of Riko after being given to her by Ozen.[4]

Ozen noted that the exterior of the weapon was in very poor shape, only being able to withstand a few more hits. The gunpowder however was noted as unaffected, as it is infinite.[5]


  • The Everlasting Gunpowder contained in Blaze Reap is named Peace Phopia.[5]


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