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Beolsk, or Beoluska, is the name of a country outside of Orth, from where Orth imports products such as rice. The country is separated into East Beolsk and West Beolsk. East Beolsk is an archipelago.[1]

When Jiruo visits Ozen he brings her containers of exotic food from West Beolsk.[2]

Orth refers to some isolated islands and towns that encompass the Abyss, while Beolsk is a more macro distinction that includes the entirety of that, plus other islands and territories. Beolsk is the country encompassing those islands as an archipelago. As a country, Beolsk is a large and powerful nation-state. It encompasses not just those islands, but also parts of the nearest continent, in its territory. However, some events led to the area being split up into East Beolsk and West Beolsk.[3]

Orth is located in Beolsk in the southern seas, and the Abyss is protected by the nation so that people from other countries can't abuse it. One of those policies is requiring Delvers to earn their whistles through a licensing system.[3]


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