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Bellmore is a storyteller at the show hall tent on the plaza leading to the Grand Pier.[1]


Bellmore has a receding gray hairline, purple eyes and a long peak shaped nose. He usually has a happy expression on his face and has a very short neck making it seem like his head goes right over into his torso. On his head, he wears a hat with the moon-shaped "Abyss" Pictogram on it. He also wears a green rope with a tie and a loose orange jacket, with many pockets, over it. His pants are almost not visible, due to his green rope covering them, and go over into shoes with bend tips.[2]


Bellmore is depicted to be able to entertain crowds with his stories of Lyza by joyfully telling of her great feats.[3] However, he is also shown to harshly direct Shiggy and Reg when they forget to throw the petals during the performance of the shadow play of Lyza.[4]


Orth Arc

After Lyza's Whistle had been recovered and a festival in her honor is held, Bellmore performs a shadow play retelling her greatest feats loosely with orphans of the Belchero Orphanage helping in the shadow play and throwing Eternal Fortune petals to conclude it.[5]



Bellmore is capable to captivate and hype up an audience with his way of performing stories.[5]


  • In addition to his performances during festivals, Bellmore also sells replicas of the respective White Whistle of the Delver druing it.[6]


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