Helping yourself to Artifacts is…STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!


Belchero (Addressed as Director by the occupants of Belchero Orphanage) is the director of the Belchero Orphanage. She imposed strict rules within the Academy and the orphanage. 

Appearance Edit

Belchero has black hair with white strains in it, which ends in a topknot, and two long curls down each ear. She has a gaunt face and sharp eyes with a monocle on her right eye. She wears a black robe with black cloths beneath and black gloves aswell.

Personality Edit

Belchero is very strict and enforces her rules strongly, but also only has the best interest for the orphans in mind.

History Edit

Orth Arc Edit

During a briefing about the new rules applied to their delving studies, which include delving alone in assigned areas, Belchero speaks with the Apprentice Delvers, emphasizing that any of the valuable objects in the Abyss, called Artifacts, are to be turned in to the orphanage if recovered, to provide funding for the orphanage’s continued operation. After the briefing, the apprentices are assigned delving areas.

After Reg got into the orphanage, Belchero is shown holding lectures for the children; as well as punishing Riko for not paying attention during them.


Authority Edit

As Director of the orphanage, she is an authority figure to the orphans and a respected person in Orth.

Academical Knowldge Edit

Belchero, together with Jiruo, teaches the orphans about the Abyss aswell as other academic subjects.

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