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The Amaranthine-Deceptor are insects that live within the impenetrable 6th layer of the Abyss, where returns becomes impossible for humans.[1]


Since they live in such a deep section of the great pit, their existence is only known from a few reports made by White Whistle Delvers. The recently discovered letter from Lyza "the Annihilator" has expanded the knowledge of these insects, providing sketches and ecological surveys. Recently, they have been spotted in other layers of the Abyss, such as the 4th layer. The reason behind their migration is unknown but there are concerns of them spreading to other sections.[1]

These treacherous insects have a very peculiar appearance as their wings bear a close resemblance to Eternal Fortunes, also known as Flowers of Resilience, that bloom practically everywhere within the Abyss. By mimicking and hiding among these flowers, the Amaranthine-Deceptor will turn these beautiful flower gardens into death traps. They will attack living beings that get too close and plant their larvae inside their bodies. To make matters worse, they will assume dormancy during mimicry, allowing them to deceive even creatures that can read the flow of consciousness by observing the force field of the Abyss.[1]

After planting their larvae, they will slowly start to consume their host from the inside and multiply rapidly. Once the head is invaded the host becomes a food source for the larvae for as long as it lives and, occasionally, adults will enter through the host's mouth to feed it and prolong their survival.[2]

While in a direct encounter they are not nearly as threatening as other creatures like the Orb Piercer, their deceptive and furtive nature makes their danger level equally high, and they have taken the lives of many Black Whistle Delvers without giving them even a chance to react, remaining unaware that they are being invaded until it is too late.[3]

Amaranthine-Deceptors are even willing to depart other colonies in big groups if it means taking on a strong enemy.[4]


  • After samples of the stomach contents of an Amaranthine-Deceptor was taken, the Danger Level of this species was raised due to concluding they weren't only targeting creatures with weak digestive systems but also those with really acidic ones like humans.[5]


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