Amakagame are bulbous creatures that live in the cave systems of the 3rd layer.[1]


The Amakagame are essentially just huge stomachs. Their bodies are covered in veins which they use to attach themselves to the cave walls. Rather than actively hunting for their prey, their stomach acids smell strongly of Baracocha fruit, the Neritantan's favorite food.[1]

The smell wafts through a hole in the top of their bodies and draws prey near before swallowing them whole. They have beady eyes and a puckered mouth, though it isn't clear what their mouths are used for considering they do not eat with them. Their skins are very thin; Riko tore through one easily with a small dagger when she accidentally fell into one.[1]


  • Their danger classification is unknown, but due to the fact that they are immobile as well as them being fairly easy to recognize when getting close to one, they don't seem to pose a hight threat to Delvers.[1]


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