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Located in the center of the Ido Front, the Altar of the Absolute Boundary is an elevator-like connection between the 5th layer and the 6th layer.[1]

The Altar can only be activated if an owner of a personal Life Reverberating Stone uses their stone while being inside it.[2]

The capsule artifact, which serves the elevator function for travel via the altar, consists out of a combination of organic and inorganic elements.[3]

Futhermore, while the entrance section is able to be moved separately from the exterior of the capsule, the inside is constantly level.[3]


  • The entrance to the elevator-like system is covered with some sort of membrane.[4]
  • As seen during Ganja's journey, it seems that in the past the altar used to be operated by something akin to a Narehate with its Life Reverberating Stone; seemingly working as a sort of liftman into the 6th layer. Given its supposedly mindless state, this being appears to not be affected by the curse while operating the lift.[5]


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